Easter Flower Peekaboo Box - April 2020

Hello lovelies,

wishing you all a Happy Easter! And an unusual one it might be for you too. For my husband and I, it's rather an exciting one. Every Easter long weekend, our son goes interstate for his National Orienteering Events and our daughter for the last few years has gone away with her friend's family to their holiday house by the sea and gone crabbing. (I call them her 'other family'...lol).

So this weekend, we have our kids all to ourselves. And we are going to celebrate in style!

Saying that, I do miss having my parents up for the family celebration. Love you M & D. x

So, what are we planning for our Sunday dinner?

Miss 18 year old has a craving for Yorkshire Pudding...which I think is hilarious. So I said well we will need to have roast beef