Tri Fold Card with Petal Promenade

Hello lovelies! This is a super quick 'whipped up' blog tutorial I have created for you to show and explain how I made this Tri Fold Card using the beautiful Petal Promenade DSP that is about to retire from the current catalogue...but I still love it.

This technique has been around for forever...and I'm sure many of you have seen it, made it or created your own version. It's an oldie but a goody!

I got the basic measurements from I have slightly altered her measurements, otherwise, I would have just referred to her great tutorial.

Even though I live in the metric world here in Oz, a lot (most) of my crafting cutting and measuring tools are in inches!! So, like many of us, I have had to learn how to work in inches ( just like going back to school...only self taught this time!)

So, please forgive me if you prefer to work in cm, but from personal experience, I find you can really only work with one form of measurement when creating a project.

I'm sorry the quality isn't that great with the photo, today is quite overcast and I have every light on that card to try to improve the quality.

Here is how the card works....

First step is to create your card base. You will need a 12x6" piece of cardstock.

Rule some lines in pencil to create the same as I have in the photo.

This is your cutting and scoring guide. Score on the blue dotted lines and cut along on the two straight pink lines.

This is how it should look after you have scored, cut and folded your paper.

The following pictures are what measurements I used for all the matting layers I used on my card.

Cut 3 rectangles 1 & 7/8' x 3 7/8".

5 squares of 1 & 7/8".

The front of my card I have a added a large 5' x 3 1/2" piece of black to frame my DSP paper.

This piece of white cardstock will mat the black piece for the front of the card.

Glue all your black cardstock to your card.

You will need 2 pieces of DSP 1 3/4"x 5 3/4".