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My Time to Leave Stampin'Up!

Hello lovelies, it's been a while since I have posted anything and it's not due to my lack of crafting activity - as I have been quite busy with my projects and classes since the new year. I have however been doing a lot thinking and soul searching about what direction I want to go from here.

I have decided, that after nearly 10 years as a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator that it's my time to say goodbye to that role and take on new crafting challenges. Like I have told my beautiful team, I am leaving SU, not my friends!

So, I am also saying that to you, my customers, my readers, my friends. I will definitely be continuing on with my craft projects, sharing ideas, techniques, blogging and hosting classes.

The exciting part is I will have no limitations to my creativity or access to any products from any company. Let the creativity juices flow!!

Sara, myself & Shelly in New Zealand April 2019 for a 3 day Onstage Event.


I will be actively dropping at the end of March, since I have booked the Onstage Event

in Melbourne with some of my fabulous team members & friends, I can't miss that one last send off with them as a Demonstrator & to see my crafting sisters & brothers perhaps one last time.


I want to expand my options for creativity. I have been ready to try new and difference products from a wide range of companies for a while and to be able to do this, I can no longer remain under the SU umbrella. By leaving SU I will no longer have any limitations as to what products I use from wherever I choose to source them. This is both a sad and exciting time for me, but the time is right. I am ready for this new chapter in my crafting journey.


The most rewarding and valued thing that I gained from becoming a Demonstrator is the connection with people. SU enabled me to create a crafting connection with everyone who either attended classes, joined my team or whom I met through the numerous events locally & world wide. All the experiences and achievements could not have been possible without you.

I also would like to thank those who were my cheer leaders and gave me great advice and or support.

So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I consider you far more than my crafting community, I consider you my friends and even though I am leaving Stampin’Up! I am not leaving my friends.


Even though I am still current as a Demonstrator, I am not longer taking orders - it would be far more beneficial for them to go to my team members who will continue to remain current even after I leave.

I have gathered a list of my team members who are willing and able to take your orders & look after you.

Just go to this link or look up - Find a Demonstrator Stampin'Up!

And add one of the names listed below. These ladies would be more than happy to serve you and your ordering needs.

  • Lynne Hall - Mount Barker SA

  • Natalie Ewart - Heathfield SA

  • Shelly Howe - Hahndorf SA

  • Cheryl Pullman - Mount Barker SA

  • Amanda Biddle - St Peters SA

  • Jodieanne Belperio - Pennington SA


You may have already noticed on FaceBook & Instagram, that some of my latest projects have gone a little 'rouge'...I have been trying out new techniques - a few 'off the page' and with different products.

I will still be holding classes, craft retreats, all day craft events, and offering Take Out Kits to make at home. I will still use Stampin'Up! products (because I have a lot)! but I will also be introducing other products from a variety of different companies. I am in no way affiliated with any other company and do not receive any financial gain from any of them.

I have added a few pictures of my Stampin'Up! life .....(lost a lot of photos when my phone locked me out earlier this year, sniff), so unfortunately I don't have a lot from my earlier days. But thank you to everyone for the memories!

Keep in touch, and look out for what is coming up on my blogs....

... I have some new and exciting ideas and projects....

...including use of multi mediums... albums!

Here is one of my latest classes - I have created a fun and colourful piece on canvas - this Hydrangea Canvas Class has unfortunately sold out, but if you are interested in any future classes or kits (I can post anywhere within Australia), stay posted and or send me a message so I can add you to my list as I tend to make a limited number of kits with every project.

Loves & hugs,

Sharni. x

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Scot Strehlow
Scot Strehlow
a day ago

Wishing you ALL THE BEST ALWAYS, Sharni! I'm so grateful that we have become friends because of Stampin' Up! and look forward to staying in touch!


Congratulations on your decision and I can't wait to see more sides to your creativity. I understand your choice and it will be a big loss to the Stampin' Up! circles everywhere, but sometimes you do what's right for you. Glad you'll still be sharing your creations with us all. I'm sure the door will always be open if you decide to return. Wishing you all the best in this new chapter of your crafting life.💖


Hey there, lovely. I can tell you first hand ... you won't regret making that decision. Your post pretty much sums up the last 16 years for me (minus the incentive trips ☺️). The best part about being in Stampin' Up! was the beautiful friends I made along the way ... including your gorgeous self. I loved collaborating with you, Nicole and Lou in The Dimensionals and will look back at that time with fond memories. I'll be in Melbourne during 'On Stage' (not attending of course) for a catch up with my lovely stamping friends. Hope we can meet up for a coffee and a chat. Much love, Bron x.


Sharni Haines
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Hello lovelies! I'm Sharni Haines from South Australia, welcome to The Maples where beautiful paper crafts and magical memories are created! I am in LOVE with paper crafting & other mixed media art. 

One of my biggest joys is inspiring & sharing the joy of craft with others and creating a wonderful community of crafty friends.

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