Scrapbooking Global September 2020 Blog Hop Theme: Celebrate

Hello lovelies, I hope you are feeling well? Spring has finally arrived here in South Australia and that makes me feel so happy. I can hear the birds chirping in the early hours and every day there is new growth sprouting in my garden. Infact, I swear one of my Japanese Maples created fresh bright green leaves in just one day!

Welcome to another fun Scrapbooking Global Blog Hop.

I'm Sharni Haines from South Australia you may have started here or come from the wonderful Mai... either way have a look and keep on hopping around to see what beautiful creations everyone has to share with us today.

This month's theme is Celebrate, and it was chosen by my lovely friend and creative designer, Courtney Heuston from Queensland, Australia.

In my eyes, there is always something wonderful to celebrate. I know Courtenay has something special to share as well as some of the other creative team members, so I am really looking forward to seeing their pages!

Here is our beautiful and incredibly talented Scrapbooking Global - Stampin' Up! Creative Team.

One definition of celebration I found this morning is:

'to take part in special enjoyable activities in order to show that a particular occasion is important'

I'm certain that everyone understands the meaning of celebration, and this quote is definitely one of them. What suddenly hit me when I was going through my photos that I have chosen to use today, is that I actually wanted to celebrate the PEOPLE in my photos not so much the reason for the occasion!

The occasion was my 40th Birthday which was actually 9 years ago!(yup, the big 50 next year!)

As I was taken back through time, looking and remembering the event and seeing all my friends and family in all these photos, it dawned on me how special and significant these people really are to me.

It made me feel a little sad to think my children and nieces are all grown up now and even some of my family members have even passed away since this party. Don't get me wrong, I am not falling into a great sobbing heap on the floor right now, but I am feeling a little sentimental. I guess that's one of the reasons and wonderful powers of keeping a scrapbook album.

This page has a photo of myself with my parents, my hubby with a close friend of ours and our daughter & youngest niece. The blond with all that hair is my older sister! Yes, she is wearing a wig over her beautiful auburn hair!

The theme for the party was BLACK & WHITE - so it seems fitting that al